"We have a team who have had their own businesses so understand the hurdles and challenges in business not just Digital"

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David Allison

Digital Specialist
Rich Burn – Dorset Growth Hub – low res

Rich Burn

Digital Projects Manager

Andrew Knowles

Digital Specialist
Businesses supported
Digital Workshops Delivered
SME's receiving 12+ hours of digital support
Match funded total £150,000
Digital Capability Grants Awarded

The Digital Band – Why?

We are a band of Digital Specialists here to bring you Digital learning to help your business grow.... well that's the line I was told to write.

Our Digital Specialists on the road, in the mosh pits, in with the crowds were humanising "digital" through their workshops across Dorset....and it was working! It was really helping individuals and business owners connect and learn more deeply, because the human interaction was encouraging a better learning environment. If you can hear, feel and see it better, you are more likely to want to do something with what you learn.

So, the website you look at now, was born as a way of linking our hugely successful face to face gigs and enabling people to take the learning further, in their own time but feel part of a community or "band" if you like ...

So, we bring you The Dorset Digital Band - your local online community to learn digital to help your business.

What We Do

We are coming from a place of empathy, struggle......... and frustration! For almost 5 years we have met head on, one of the key challenges that businesses in Dorset face......trying to interpret and navigate the "digital" world we live in. One key thing we identified in bringing digital learning to the business community .... it was really hard to engage them in certain topics that we knew were really important for them to understand and how that would positively impact their business.

We are now helping businesses progress their digital journeys through our offline face-to-face support & workshops and through this new online learning environment. We hope it engages, we hope it makes people feel part of something progressive and we hope it helps local businesses make digital step changes to remain competitive and grow. Now let's Rock! #DigitalRocks #JoinTheBand

Some of our band Members

“We just wanted to thank you for your help with the digital grant which we received recently and of course the UX workshop with Experience UX which set us on the path to the new website. It was all invaluable to us. ”

Caroline, Co-Founder, Morrish & Banham Wine Merchants